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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) for current and future students, their families and educational advisors



You're one step closer to studying at University of Massachusetts Boston!

By now, you should have submitted your payment to secure your seat at UMass Boston Navitas GSSP. Once you receive your I-20, Letter of Offer, and Letter of Acceptance, you must book your visa interview with a U.S. Consulate to receive your visa.

In order to prepare for your semester ahead, please utilize this website and the guides below to familiarize yourself with what is required before you make your way to Boston.

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus.

Download Pre-Arrival materials below:

Pre-Arrival Information
Advice for how to prepare for travel to Boston and your new life as a UMass Boston student

Enrollment Guide
Step-by-step instructions for how to choose your classes using the Student Portal

Student Handbook
A comprehensive list of courses, policies and resources.  You will reference this document throughout your time as a UMass Boston Navitas GSSP student.

UMass Boston Navitas GSSP Mentor Program

The UMass Boston Navitas GSSP Mentor Program exists to foster meaningful interactions between current Navitas GSSP students and incoming first-year students. This program is designed support new students as they prepare and adjust to college life and to support them during their first term at UMass Boston.

What Navitas GSSP Mentors Do

Peer mentors assist new international students in the transition from their respective countries to our university by connecting with students before they arrive, participating as Orientation Navigators in International Student Orientation, and serving as a cultural bridge and a resource to new students during their first term in the United States. Prior to arrival in Boston, new students can reach out to Navitas GSSP Mentors and ask questions they may have about the University, what to bring to, courses they plan to take, or about life as a student in the United States in general. Transitioning from one country to another is often a complicated and frustrating process and our mentors are here to help. Navitas GSSP Mentors help to orient new student to campus and life as a student at UMass Boston.

Throughout the year, Navitas GSSP Mentors will participate and encourage new students to enjoy Navitas GSSP events, such as the Boston Red Sox baseball game, BBQ at the beach, ice skating at City Hall Plaza, International Education Week Of All, For All Cultural Festival, Navitas Days of Service, and much more!

Navitas GSSP Mentors and the Student Support Services team will also periodically check in by email to make sure your first year is going well.

Contacting Mentors

Please feel free to contact any of the mentors below. All of the mentors are available to answer your questions and to support you as you prepare for life as a student at UMass Boston!

Caroline Tan

Xiamen (Amoy), China
Junior, Business

Fun fact: I am a Chinese but have six American siblings from my host family!

Yohannes Christian (Yohan)

Surabaya, Indonesia
Graduate Student, Master of Science in IMQF (Investment Management and Quantitative Finance)

Three Pieces of Advice:

  • For those who comes from a tropical country, winter can be really harsh if you unprepared. Make sure to get a jacket and boots before winter comes!
  • Join a community or student organization, it is a good way to improve your English.
  • Be active in class and interact with professors—it can significantly affect your grades!

Yazmin Perez Rulfo (Yaz)

Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico
Junior, International Business with a minor in Marketing

Fun fact: I don't like tacos and can't pronounce "r."

Jaewook Ryu (Jae)

Seoul, South Korea
Junior, International Relations

Fun fact: I have a British accent.

Hiba Sadat

Karachi, Pakistan
Sophomore, Communication

Three pieces of advice for new students:

  • Do not give up hopes on anything as soon as you come. It will take time to settle down and to make friends. Just do not give up as soon as you come.
  • Be motivated. Whether it is to make friends, to study, to go out anything at all. Stay motivated to make your way through.
  • Explore. Do NOT sit at home. Even if you have to go alone, go. Get lost and find your way back home. This way you will be super confident around Boston. In the start I was super nervous around Boston and would just Uber my way and now I take the T and walk to the places I want to go. So explore!

Grace Nguyen

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Graduate Student, Master of Business Administration

Fun fact: On an average weekend you can find me doing yoga or going to the gym, walking around Boston to relax, traveling, doing outdoor activities, or cooking.

Anushka Banerjee

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sophomore, Business Management and Marketing

Three pieces of advice for new students:

  • Don’t let all the studying neglect you from taking care of your health! Your health is very important, especially since Boston can get very cold. You have to make sure you layer up!
  • You should always attend your classes on time, the professors always observe attendance.
  • Remember, don’t stress! Finals week can always make us nervous, but don’t let that get you stressed out. Always plan ahead of time, avoid procrastinating on anything.

Edgar Andrés Hidalgo (Andrés)

Bogotá, Colombia
Junior, Management

Fun fact: I love spicy food.