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*Harbor Point residents: Please note that if you arrive to Boston prior to the Move-in date, you will have to stay in a hotel (or other accommodations) until the date you can move in.
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Arrival Arrangements
Students have two options when arriving at Boston Logan Airport. Please read the following descriptions before choosing which option you would like:
Option 1: Students can choose to make their own travel arrangements. Safe and reliable taxis are available at Airport Taxi stands outside of every terminal. Public transportation is also available on the Silver Line metro. Students will still be responsible for making payment of the taxi fare either by cash or credit card at the end of the journey (please note. It is customary to tip 20%-25% of the total fare in addition to the journey cost).
Option 2: Please select one of the private car services. Kindly note that that these are recommended private airport pick-up services. Navitas GSSP cannot coordinate this for you due to payment requirement before arrival.
1. Boston Shuttle
2. United Private Car

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