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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) for current and future students, their families and educational advisors


UMass Boston Navitas Global Student Success Program

Placement Tests

New undergraduate students are required to complete UMass Boston Placement Tests. These tests will help place students in the courses that will give them the best opportunity for success.

Graduate students are not required to complete any placement tests prior to arrival.

You will not be able to register for classes until you’ve completed the exams! For information regarding registration, please refer to the Course Enrollment page.

ALEKS Math Placement Test

The ALEKS Test consists of thirty questions covering material from Basic Math through Pre-Calculus. Each assessment is open for 24 hours but will take approximately two hours to complete. After the initial assessment, you will receive a score, which will be uploaded to WISER and used for placement purposes.

Instructions on how to complete the ALEKS Math Placement Test can be found in the Enrollment Guide.

Writing Assessment

In the Writing Assessment you'll be given one hour to read a short passage and to write a response to a question about the ideas in the text. Faculty members will read your essay and evaluate your critical reading and writing abilities. You will not automatically get a notification with your results. You will find out once you arrive to orientation what Englihs class you will be taking.

Instructions on how to complete the Writing Assessment can be found in the Enrollment Guide.

Additional Information

Both assessments must be completed before you leave your home country. If you have any trouble, please send an email to for assistance, and once you’ve completed your placements, please let us know!

Students who do not complete the placement tests will not be able to take Math or English in their first semester at UMass Boston. You will receive an email from the University with information on how to log into WISER, UMass Boston’s online student center. Here you will be able to access the placement tests. For information, please refer to the Course Enrollment page.