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Hear from students already studying at UMass Boston

Delicia Shao

China: “The staff assisted me with what to do and where to go, helping me adapt to the U.S. culture. They also advised me about both my studies and my life in general.”

Sibi Senthilkumar

India: “Navitas GSSP staff are really helpful. They made a bridge for me to enter the American culture. Orientation was also beneficial and very important.”

Wooyoung Sun

South Korea: “I believe, as an international student, it is much easier in Boston to adjust to life in a foreign country. Moreover, people are so kind here. We always help each other and share discussions about our class materials or common things.”

Anggita Parameswar

Indonesia: “Studying at UMass Boston didn’t make me feel like a new comer in a strange new place; I got the feeling of being at home. Being in this diverse campus society makes me feel like being part of the United Nations—you’ll hear a lot of languages spoken in the same time and place!”

Aung Kyaw Hein

Myanmar: “You have to follow your heart and your passion. You will get homesick and you will experience a culture, but you can reach out to your friends and Navitas GSSP staff for their support. There are also many great things to enjoy in Boston.”

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