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UMass Boston Navitas Global Student Success Program

Graduate UMB Navitas GSSP: Business

The Graduate UMass Boston Navitas Global Student Success Program (GSSP) is a two-semester program designed for students who have completed a bachelor's degree but who need or wish to have additional support to gain entry into a UMass Boston graduate degree program. The Graduate UMass Boston Navitas GSSP helps to bridge the gap in academic or English skills by offering a range of courses such as research methods and academic communication. During your Graduate GSSP semester(s), you will take four Graduate GSSP courses plus UMass Boston graduate courses to prepare you for your master's program.

The MBA program at UMass Boston combines a focused management curriculum and allows students to customize their experience by completing one or more of 14 specializations.

Small classes are typically taught by full-time, academically and professionally qualified faculty. The classes use real-world projects and simulations to connect classroom learning to practical experience and create a thoroughly inclusive classroom environment.

Bachelor's Degree


UMass Boston
Master's Degree



Year International Students


US$29,743 (Two semesters)

* Other mandatory fees apply



Two semesters (up to 9 credits)

Semester start dates

Spring: January 2019 (MBA only)

Summer: May 2019 (MBA only)

Fall: September 2019 (All programs)


English Language Requirements

Graduate UMass Boston Navitas GSSP sample courses
Semester 1 Course title Credits

NAV 001


Navigating the Graduate Student Pathway




NAV 002

Introduction to Graduate Research



Graduate UMass Boston Navitas GSSP Seminar



Analytical Writing and Oral Communication for Managers

3 (UMB)

Total credits


Semester 2 Course title Credits

NAV 003

Academic Communication for Graduate Students


NAV 004

Intercultural Issues for Graduate Students



Additional credit course

3 (UMass Boston)


Additional credit course

3 (UMass Boston)


Graduate UMass Boston Navitas GSSP seminar


Total credits


Total program credits 3-9*

Program information

Progression requirements: 520 GMAT; B in all classes and cumulative GPA of 3.0

Additional credit bearing courses in the College of Management may include:

  • Business and Its Environment (MBA ACM 660)
  • Economics for Managers (MBA ACM 601)

*Graduate GSSP credit hours applied to degree: 3-9 credit hours (1-3 credit courses)

*Remaining credit hours to complete degree program: 39-45 credit hours

*Number of credits applied to degree is subject to evaluation by the Graduate Program Department.

Entry into your UMass Boston College of Management graduate degree program:

  • MBA - Master of Business Administration
  • Finance, MS
  • Accounting, MS
  • Information Technology, MS

Disclaimer: This information may be subject to change without notice or at the discretion of UMass Boston Navitas GSSP or Navitas Pty Ltd.

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